Overseas Garment Sourcing

We have proven our excellence in design and uniform manufacturing domestically, and with this knowledge we have partnered with off-shore manufacturers to be able to provide larger corporate programs and those which we may not be competitive in price producing domestically. Now every program can be fulfilled on time and on budget.

Our domestic pattern making, production, and quality auditing expertise is one of the biggest reasons why our customers have entrusted us to source some of their larger and/or less margin uniform programs off-shore in our partner manufacturing facilities. From simple polo’s and hats, to tailored suiting we can develop uniform programs and produce off-shore from concept to delivery.

We have partnered with labor and wage compliant state of the art manufacturing facilities in four different continents. By utilizing our domestic design and pattern making team we can deliver a one-two punch which would ensure that your uniforms come out with the best quality, structure, and fit. Before we send any uniform program off-shore we first; design, make patterns, and produce samples domestically to ensure that the quality is perfect and is met to our US production standards. After samples are approved we send pattern data in CAD format to our partner facilities overseas for them to produce the garments. This ensures that all pieces are cut to spec and all pieces are uniform. By partnering the off-shore production with our domestic manufacturing capabilities we can develop a program which would ensure a prompt delivery to your customers. We can manage your off-shore program so that domestically we can produce the odd sizes and sizes which you may have run out of in our US facility, and delivery promptly without waiting for another off-shore production cycle.

In today’s rapidly changing global economic climate, it is a time to think differently, to redevelop your priorities, and most of all, to present yours and your client’s unique corporate identity in an equally innovative way. For these reasons and more, our seasoned sourcing team, pattern makers, quality audit team, and off-short partners which are devoted to excellence in production make us your choice for off-shore uniform program sourcing.